Industries We Serve

At cHb Advisors, LLC we spend time understanding our clients business and the industry in which it falls. Our team of professionals have experience across a diverse number of industries to help navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities specific to your industry.

Our understanding of your business gives us a keen perspective on which advisory solutions would best suit your long and short-term strategies.

Construction and Engineering

cHb Advisors, LLC are trusted advisors to general contractors, specialty firms and construction management companies of all sizes. Our approach to contruction accounting focuses on employing appropriate accounting methods which minimize tax burdens and result in high-quality financial statements that can be understood by bonding agencies, lenders and other business associates.


cHb Advisors, LLC understands that regulatory, technological and operational issues effect the medical industry. We anticipate these challenges to help you enhance operational efficiency and maximize profitability.


To stay competitive in the manufacturing world, quality control, efficiency and product superiority are essential. At cHb Advisors, LLC regardless of the type of product you manufacture, our professionals will hep you stream-line processes, reduce costs and increase profitability.

Whether you are facing challenges related to infrastructure, technology, personnel, supply chains or cross border transactions, we design customized action plans with practical solutions to meet your needs.


At cHb Advisors, LLC we understand the commitment you have to your not-for-profit entity. Working with our team of professionals will provide you comfort in knowing your organization is in compliance with the ever-changing regulatory framework. We will work closely with your board members and executives to offer operational and financial solutions while helping the organization reach its goals.

Our experience includes:

    • Charitable Foundations
    • Churches
    • Education Foundations
    • Trade Associations

Legal and Professional

No matter the type of professional service firm, cHb Advisors, LLC's dedicated team of accounting, tax and business advisors are ready to offer expert solutions that will maximize profitability, minimize tax liability and create operational efficiencies for your practice.

Real Estate

The ever-changing industry of real estate brings about many pressures on developers, owners, managers and investors. At cHb Advisors, LLC we help navigate you through complex tax and financial challenges while working to maximize the value of your holdings.


At cHb Advisors, LLC we understand that retailers need sound advice when it comes to effectively balancing their customer needs and profit margins. Our team of experienced professionals will help you make informed decisions, set financial goals and map out the success of your business.

We will perform a comprehensive analysis of your retail business processes, including inventory control, technological resources and costing models.


To build and maintain a profitable business in the transportation industry requires the financial oversight of a CPA firm experienced in transportation accounting. The team at cHb Advisors, LLC understand your accounting and tax needs because we’ve worked with a number of different types of transportation businesses. We put our industry specific knowledge to work to lower effective tax rates and increase profitability for everyone from small transportation businesses and pilots to large, multi-state corporations.

Wholesale and Distribution

At cHb Advisors, LLC, we understand that in the wholesale and distribution industries, improving the performance and management of your company increases your bottom line. Regardless of the type of products that you distribute, our experienced team of professionals will help improve efficiency, streamline processes, reduce costs and increase profitability.

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