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Service Overview

Accounting Software, Installation, Support and Maintenance

cHb Advisors, LLC, not only performs accounting functions, but also provides installation and support for software clients use to record their accounting data. There are very specific reasons why cHb Advisors, LLC should administer your systems. cHb Advisors, LLC has been a Certified QuickBooks® Professional Advisor since the program's inception in 1999. Also, we have trained and consulted 120+ clients in the use of QuickBooks® accounting software during the last 10 years. Having reliable support helps the client to be more efficient, and in the long-run, save them money. 

cHb Advisors, LLC is a charter member of the Intuit Solution Provider program which focuses on sales, implementation and training of QuickBooks Enterprise software to mid-market companies.

The support services cHb Advisors, LLC performs includes, but is not limited to:

  • Installation, training, maintenance, and support of QuickBooks® accounting software
  • Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet designs
  • Analysis, selection, installation, setup, and support of systems and software that can be integrated with QuickBooks®

Financial Statement and Advisory Services

cHb Advisors, LLC's goals are to enhance your CPA-Client experience by going above and beyond.  This means that you will get up-front advice and personal attention, as well as a commitment to your long-term goals with integrity.

Attest Services

  • Compilations
  • Reviews
  • Agreed Upon Procedure

Attest services ensure a business' credibility by providing different levels of assurance to information users. However, these services are only as good as the CPA who administers them. cHb Advisors, LLC can discuss with you to determine the proper level of attest services needed for your business.

Advisory Services

  • Business Advisory & Controllership Functions
  • Business Sales & Acquisitions
  • Profitability Analysis & Improvement
  • Budgeting
  • Overhead Rate Computation

Advisory services help a business to recognize leading economic indicators and react accordingly in order to minimize adverse conditions or maximize favorable ones.  However, to properly react to every aspect of the client's financial information, the business needs a CPA who understands what the accounting information is indicating and how to advise or respond as a result. 

Tax Compliance

cHb Advisors, LLC believes that while planning and preparing your tax returns, a proactive stance will strive to make sure that you are receiving every benefit you are entitled to.   He and his staff do this by staying up-to-date on every aspect of tax law.

  • Business Payroll Forms Preparation
  • Individual Income Tax Preparation and Planning
  • Small Business Income Tax Preparation and Planning (C-Corporations Form 1120, S-Corporations Form 1120-S, Partnerships Form 1065, and LLC’s)
  • Non Profit Income Tax Preparation (Form 990)
  • Business Entity Setup & Planning